~ "Your wedding ceremony was the most unique and beautiful ceremony I've ever attended ! ~ Thank you for helping us to create such a personalized ceremony ~ we didn’t have to worry about a scripted ceremony, you helped us to share what we felt in our hearts. Thank you so much. ~ Your presence made all the difference to our special day, you added a special touch. thank you very much.

~ Thank you so much for making our wedding day unforgettable ~ Our parents called the following week saying how unique and beautiful the ceremony was and how much they appreciated being included in the ceremony itself. Thank you for your suggestions to have them participate in that way.~ We appreciate your thoughtfulness in including our children and others in the ceremony. ~  You helped to take the "worry factor" out of saying I do. Thank you” ~

“Your smile, your warmth, your cheery       disposition and your thoughtfulness,            were a great addition to our day"
            Tanya & Jean Francois

            Amour et Mariage Wedding Ceremonies

"Thank you for making all this come true. We were extremely     pleased with you performance at the wedding, as well as                beforehand. You are such a kind and warm person"
                                Trevor & Stephanie
  Testimonials from Couples, Family Members & Guests...
Here are some of the comments I continue to receive about my wedding ceremonies: